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What are the key benefits...

1. 'Get powerful and clear perspective' on the limitations and/or finding a path for powerful self transformation.

2. 'Get a deep understanding of the answer' .. "know what-know how-know why" and know how it will work for you! ...with respect to what you are seeking to overcome and/or achieve.

3. 'Find all that you need to make a powerful decision' Decisions are best taken with complete understanding of what will lead you to live your life without limiting energies.

Why are we giving it free....

1. We see this as your right: Deep Clarity to move forward. To bring lasting meaningful and powerful transformation one needs to understand fully the challenge and the solution.

2. We see this as empowerment of self transformation: For self transformation to happen it has to be from the foundation of clarity instead of trial and error or even just hope. Power comes from knowing and understanding.

3. We see this as support: We understand the struggle of moving higher with so much information and misinformation that is available and this is about giving you the power to not be misled & to lead self by understanding and taking powerful actions.
Key Take Aways & WHY it is free! | '33 mins Session'
To BREAK FREE From... Stress , Anxiety, Depression, Worry, Panic, Grief, Fear & Relationship Challenges 
And anything else that is holding you back from living your best life!
Approach that Simplifies the most complex profound solutions and understandings
See Results in a shorter & more permanent way!  Say NO to months/years of Counselling 
Going beyond Challenge Elimination to create a wholesome approach that truly focuses on creating a happy abundant meaningful life experience for you!
Profound Self Enablement driven! Empowering you to Lead Your Life and not just  manage!
Wean away from medication! Living a full life with NO Side Effects!
Focussed on identifying the Cause & solving it from the core! NO symptomatic/superficial approach!
Why 1-1 A.C.E Coaching from ASK
Longer interactions of 1.5 hours upwards & Support beyond session duration! 
You Win! We Win!
Understanding the Mind! Which allows one to Take charge of their Reality and experience of Life! You Are incharge!
Super Convenient interactions via Live Audio Video, from the comfort of your place & No tedious travel for the sessions!
It is all about YOU! Start with a Free 33 Minute Consultation Call! You Decide!
At ASK Life Clarity our approach is very simple yet extremely effective in how we support You. You don't have to spend months or years with our support because our learnings and teachings are so simplified that the outcome to becoming more in charge of life and leading with true happiness will happen fast with our profound Mind Mastery. Aware Teachings, Powerful Methods & Profound learnings.. There isn’t anything that cannot be solved. Our testimonials below and on our website are testament to the powerful Transformation & positive change in so many that have received our support. We believe in solving from the core not just in suppression or symptomatic relief and we can assure you that we will give our 100% so that you will experience real solutions to lead a Happy Abundant Meaningful Life! Take charge NOW! and Lead your Life like the Master you are!
Welcome to 1-1 A.C.E Coaching 
We support all age groups irrespective of how small or critical the challenges are ... we are here to support you fully and as quickly as possible... so that you reach that Clarity and happiness that you so rightly deserve... Now! 

The Mind Coaches, Expert Counsellors and Masters of M.A.T (Mindful Aware Thinking) at ASK Life Clarity are here because this is about their Passion Purpose and Meaningfulness! and are deeply committed to creating sustaining & surpassing the Positive Transformations that you seek!

Ask Life Clarity's powerful and transformational sessions will support you be the happiest version of who you really are away from anything that holds you back.  Your awareness will increase exponentially so that you will be a master of your own feelings, thoughts and behaviours & be in-tune to leading you to greater life experiences.

Our 1-1's benefits the individual by bringing the person to better self-awareness and supporting the client to feel more connected to a fuller sense of self and ready to not just live but truly lead life!

  • Increased self-awareness - taking charge of your emotions fully
  • Your self-esteem and self-confidence will be at it's highest 
  • Taking charge of any life challenges with logical and mindful thinking
  • No more expectations and assumptions on self or others 
  • Identification of your priorities in your life which will give you better outcomes 
  • Letting go of any past challenges with full Clarity 
  • Become stronger and understanding yourself and others better
  • Sustain your happiness daily 
  • Self-worth will be exactly where it's meant to be with high self-love
  • Leading your life fully not just existing in it
  • Better choices & decision making in personal and work life
Benefits that go beyond Challenge Elimination!
The Benefits and convenience of our 1-1 online ACE COACHING
Our busy lives often make it difficult to make time to attend an in-person counselling sessions. With online counselling you can ...

you can attend the session without you having the trouble of Travel & Time Loss.

you can attend from the comfort of your home or wherever is comfortable

you can be more relaxed and comfortable in your own space leading to better outcomes from sessions
Catherine Kelly 
Thank you Deborah for seeing me online at such short notice I am so happy I was given reference for you and I have had this opportunity before Christmas arrived because I was dreading another one. Living in London many years it’s a busy life and I live in a busy mind with a heavy heart. I have been to see many therapists in London and nothing was helping me and thousands of pounds later I was still feeling like I want to give up. Then I was given Deborah website from a friend who knows of her work and I am so grateful. I can absolute say that my 2022 is looking so good so far and I am very excited for the future. You have helped me so much and so fast with my grief, anxiety and stress and now I am feeling like me again after long long. The past 4 years has been horrible to say the least with the loss of my beautiful husband, mother and my two best friends. When you think things just couldn’t get any harder they just kept on coming but thankfully to you I no longer feel like giving up. Not sure how you do it Deborah but you do. I felt like such a lost cause and I know whole hearted it is not how I feel now. You have the most beautiful heart and caring nature with all the teachings and support and you even messaged me on Christmas day to see how I was. You have turned my life around for the better in such short time and I am free as a bird in all the pain, loss and emptiness and everything that was dragging me back. Thank you Deborah and it’s not enough to say to you please never stop what you are doing you are a beautiful, selfless human with endless knowledge and gifts in supporting and you are desperately needed in this life. Lots of love C
London,United Kingdom
I can’t speak any more highly of Deborah, after seeing various councillors and psychiatrists over many years I found little connection and emotional motivation that improved my state of mind. Even after my first session I felt an instant connection with Debs and I felt that she truly was understanding my feelings, providing me we effective tools to firstly resonate with why I was feeling a certain way and methods to overcome a negative mindset. Through out our time together my strength grew and grew. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness, and experience that has been invaluable to me. Thank you Debs x
Megan Vibert 
St, Helier, Channel Islands
Reviews & Feedback
If I had of said last month I would be feeling the best I have felt in 17 years I would never ever of believed it. I was told by one of my friends who had sessions online with Deborah at Ask Life Clarity few months ago to please connect with this lady. I couldn’t believe the change in my friend truly amazing. Even before plucking up the courage to connect with Deborah I felt like I knew Deborah already through the way my friend spoke about her. I am so grateful to Deborah for the way she supported my friend we are both on a natural high…loving life. It took me a little while to connect as I was afraid of my life to commit to opening up about what has been tormenting me most for far too many years. Physical/mental abuse the darkest years of my life. When someone like Deborah enters into your world it’s a blessing. I do not wish to write what went on in my past…past is past now and I am absolutely made up I went back there with Deborah as fast as she works  I am glad she took me back. I have the best understanding, acceptance and learning for it all….at one point I actually said I can’t believe how much I am free and so fast. Please whoever is reading this and you are struggling from anything please do not turn a blind eye. Deborah will get you out of that nightmare you are having well anything that is not right for you. She is by far one of the best people I have ever come into contact with, even thou it was online face to face I felt like I was physically sitting with her. I live in France so a little difficult to get to her location with 3 children under the age of 11. I am just so happy that Deborah also is able to give support online face to face for people like me and my friend and so many in the world that just can’t get to her location. Thank you is just not even enough Deborah forever you have a place in my heart and thanks for what I can say was the fastest transformation in my life and I am so free and completely happy and my beautiful children get to have their real mummy back.
Amber, Crowley
Toulouse, France
Thank you debs for supporting both myself and my hubs. We are extremely grateful for your sessions over the past 3 weeks. We have been to counselling before and unfortunately it didn't work like we wanted it to but thankfully we found you. Married 15 years and a beautiful funny little girl with that. Unfortunately we hit some challenges and disagreements over the years and they turned into big arguments which was painful not only for us both but for our beautiful girl. Debs you showed us great understanding around all we have been holding and how understanding each other is key to the best outcome to sustain this relationship. We are both blessed to have each other and now we are on the right road and loving each other like we used to do. Best Christmas present. Merry Christmas great debs you have been so amazing with us both seperate and then bringing us together for a great kick in the best direction. Merry Christmas debs you are our star on the top of our tree this year...I know you will be laughing hearing this lol and I know exactly the reply lol biggest warmest thanks to you xx
Martina & Bill Anderson
Rozel, Channel Islands
Great support from Debs. I was told about Debs by a friend after her young daughter in Jersey received excellent support and they have never looked back. I said to my friend what I have seen in myself after Debs support is something I felt I would never see again. I stand in the mirror and what I see is a women with no more challenges and a women that only wants the best for herself. I spent years hating myself, judging myself and holding onto the past like it was some weird comfort blanket. I have seen 4 different therapists in 9 years and I was still avoiding myself like some sort of virus and yes the covid virus is around but nothing as damaging as the mind I was living in. Debs when you first called me I couldn’t believe the way I felt after that call and I had not even met you yet. When I came online for the first session I was so happy because I knew you could get me to some place that will be better than the one I was in. After the first session I extremely emotional not because you literally came at me with everything you could see and I was hiding lol but because I felt so free. Wow wow wow that’s all I can say. Thanks from the bottom of my heart and I can’t wait to visit Jersey and hopefully attend the Venus workshop or anything else you do is just brilliant. Total respect.
Yvette Kelly
Kent, United Kingdom
Martina Stanford
St. Martin, Jersey
Thank you dear Deborah. I suffered from PTSD so badly for years I never felt I could get out of this until I met Deborah. I was going to counselling for over 3 years with Jersey counselling I would not like to say who because my experience really was not great. It was ok at the start but because I was going longer I was told to write down my feelings and use the tools that they have given me and to basically move on. I never felt so pushed to the side like I was with this counseling. I was told to basically move on and nothing more they can support me with. I couldn't believe I heard this I really was speechless because they did not support me out of my problems yet I am to basically told to move on. I seen people mention Deborah name at ask life Clarity on Jersey Ask a number of times so I felt to look at what Deborah does. I made contact with Deborah and even after our call I was feeling hope and felt good. 5 sessions later and I am literally a different person. Deborah you are such an asset to this island I am definitely living proof of Deborah support just amazing. Much love and biggest gratitude looking forward to 2022 and all it brings now.
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Our process of Enabling You to, not just know through our ‘Aware simplified Knowing’ (ASK) Process has the power to Transform lives and fast. .. Connect with us to... Reconnect with yourself!
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